Triumphant Return!

Wow, lots of traffic on my blog lately! It’s that post about Fifty Shades of Grey, but I’m totally cool with that. Some of you may have noticed that around May of each year I suddenly put a few posts up and then disappear for six months or more. Yeah.

That’s because every summer I think “oh I’ll have so much more time to devote to my blog!” Then I start work at my summer job and I lose all motivation. Such is the circle of life.

However, I have a bunch of good news!

I’m in graduate school for an MFA in Creative Writing! I’m living in Minnesota and it’s a surprisingly mild winter so far, no worse than Michigan at least. I have a lot of time this semester, so hopefully, if I can stay motivated I’ll be able to blog more. Not that many people care, but I’m going to keep posting about books on my original list, but I might talk about my writing a little because writing is hard, maybe some support would keep me going!

In keeping with the good news, I’ve been published! I had a novella published and was included in a superhero romance anthology.

Powerless Against You

Strangers in a Movie Theater at Barnes&Noble or AllRomance

Just putting those links out there, I’ll probably post something more in depth later.

So, again, I will set a goal for myself, but it won’t be as ridiculous as two posts a week. I’ll try to do one post a week.

Hope you’re all having a great week!


About themeg09

A reader and writer who has very strong opinions and is attempting to be a human and not stay up until four in the morning. A citizen of many fandoms. Come talk to me!
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