Beautiful Chaos – Series Wrap-up

Warning! Spoilers for the Beautiful Creatures series books 1, 2, and 3!

Alright peeps, this is where it gets real! I lent my copies to a friend, so if I misquote or get something wrong please let me know with some comments.

Show of hands, please, who know that the “one who is two” was Ethan? I think that Beautiful Chaos went on a smidge too long? But at the same time I didn’t want it to end. Does that make sense? A little bit? I will admit I teared up at the end. How could I not? We’ve been following this boy for two other books, we want him to succeed and now his train is cut short!

Then again, there is another whole book. (Which I will not be reading until it comes out in paperback.)

I love the changes going on with Macon, he’s probably my favorite character and I nearly cheered when he came back in the second book.  I’m glad he got to be a light caster and I’m glad Lena didn’t have to choose what to be and kill half her family. Then again, part of me just wanted her to choose the light already, especially once Ridley was human, because if she had just chosen light, Sarafine would have died and half of their problems would have ended. So every now and then I’d get annoyed with Lena because all her justifications for not choosing the light had suddenly disappeared.

Can we talk about Linkubus? He’s consistently been a sweetie and I adore him. I’m conflicted on his change into an Incubus, because on one hand it brings him closer to Ridley and Lena’s world, on the other it kinda takes him away from Ethan and the human world and that’s sad. In fact, I’m disappointed that this can’t be made into a movie because the producers and writers shot themselves in the foot with the changes made in the movie. Even if they wanted to make a sequel it would be hard to fix what they’ve changed and the movies would just get further and further away from their source material.

One of the things I didn’t like about this entire series was the way the adults in the novel were constantly keeping secrets and sabotaging Ethan and Lena. It does create the atmosphere of suspense a little, but after some time, the fact that every adult in Ethan’s life is keeping something important from him, gets annoying and suspicious. There should be at least one adult on his side who will let him know what’s going on. He’s a seventeen year old in the apocalypse, baby’s gotta grow up.

Overall I liked the series, it got better as it went and there was always a surprise around the corner. It becomes less about their romance and more about Ethan as you get further into it. I’m glad there’s a fourth book.

If you have some thoughts you want to share on this series, go for it, I’ll be excited to discuss it!

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