Beautiful Darkness – A Sequel that Doesn’t Suck

No spoilers

Beautiful Darkness is the second book in the Beautiful Creatures series by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. And when they call it darkness they’re not kidding. That book gets dark real quick. Nothing is quite right after the events of the first book and Lena starts pulling away from Ethan.

After being a little bored with the first book, the second was a welcome change. There are a lot of secrets and a lot of adventures in this one. A new character gets introduced; she’s from England and seems to be a foil for Lena. She’s there to tempt Ethan and to add a little bit of a complication to the story.

The one thing I did not like in this book was the way Lena acted. Throughout my entire reading I was just angry. Her reasons for acting out were justifiable, and yet I couldn’t help but be angry with her. It might have been because the novel is narrated by Ethan and he was angry and sad, so I was angry and sad? I’m not quite sure.

Overall it was a pretty good read, an exciting second novel, unlike a lot of second novels which just seem to be fillers between the first and third. But Beautiful Darkness sets in motion the events that culminate in the third book without being boring.

Not much to say about this book. Next review will have spoilers for the whole series.

Next Post: Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl


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